Bulk Rock Salt & Ice Melt Delivery

READY FOR WINTER?? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!!! Looking to have your De-icing materials covered? We have several options, view our bulk rock salt and ice melt pallet pricing.

Winters in Greater Binghamton NY are unpredictable at best.  This unpredictability can make for a hazardous situation for your employees and customers.  Planning ahead and buying your bulk bagged ice melt or bulk bagged rock salt can go along way in saving your business money, effort, and time while ensuring your facility is safe and free from liability over the winter months.

Why Should Binghamton Businesses Buy Ice Melt or Rock Salt in Bulk?

One of the biggest reasons to buy in bulk is to take advantage of pre-season pricing.  A volatile market combined with an above average ice or snow season can lead to unpredictable mid and late season price increases.  By securing your bulk rock salt or ice melt early in the season, you’re taking advantage of the best pricing available for the year.

Another reason many businesses and property management companies buy in bulk is the long shelf life of bulk bagged rock salt and ice melt.  By taking advantage of end-of-season sales, you can be sure your business will be ready for the next season.  By keeping your ice melt away from sunlight and moisture, you can expect at least a one to two year shelf life.

Buy Your Bulk Bagged Ice Melt or Rock Salt Direct from Us!

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