Professional Pergola Construction

Imagine beautiful summer days spent lounging in your back yard under the perfect shade of a pergola, a good book in hand and a cool drink beside you. Perhaps you might consider planting a lovely scented vine atop your pergola to create a luxury outdoor living space no one will ever want to leave. This is what outdoor living dreams are made of and at A Great Choice Lawn Care and Landscaping, it’s what we do for our clients and customers. We’ve been in business long enough to know your home is your sanctuary, and your outdoor space is your own private oasis.

We want to help you transform your outdoor living space into a living dream by creating a custom pergola. Whether it’s in the middle of the lawn surrounded by a beautiful garden or atop your existing deck, our pergolas are made to last. Our team of experts is ready to visit your home and bring your vision to life by working with you to create a custom pergola to bring a little life to your lawn.

Pergola Construction

Our pergolas encompass an array of different construction designs, and each one is unique to the space you want to create. Unlike a freestanding gazebo, a pergola is a less expensive and much more versatile item to construct. It can be placed anywhere, built to your specifications, and it can encompass the kind of style and design you want with the kind of design element you see most appropriate for your familial needs

  • Attached pergolas
  • Free standing pergolas

Both are a lovely option for any homeowner, and you get to decide which works for you. An attached pergola can be attached to anything you see necessary, such as an existing pool deck, your home, or it can sit atop your porch or deck. A free-standing pergola is wonderful in the middle of a garden, your back yard, or even to provide a little shade for a custom seating area in the front lawn.

The Benefits of A Pergola

What’s so appealing to so many homeowners about a pergola is you get to make the decision how you want to use this. You can leave it alone and use it for nothing but a little additional shade on your deck or in your garden, or you can add some vines to it to create a little slice of your own heaven. Imagine it with bougainvillea growing lush along the top, or jasmine vines along the sides. Add a bit of trellis to it and allow the beautiful scent of flowers to overwhelm you each time you head outdoors.

The benefits of a pergola include ample shade in places that are more comfortable with shade, as well as the chance to completely customize your design. Your pergola will differ from that of anyone else making it a completely different experience for you and your family than it is for another.

ShadeTree Retractable Canopy Systems

Yet another way to turn your custom pergola into something more usable for your family is to add a ShadeTree Retractable Canopy System to the design. At A Great Choice, we are proud to announce we now provide these retractable canopies to customers so you have yet another option for providing your family with a little more protection, a little more shade, and a little more style.

As if our custom pergolas aren’t an exciting enough addition to your outdoor space, why not add a retractable canopy to the top to create an outdoor living space? This type of canopy is easily opened to allow the natural sunlight into a sitting area, a small outdoor kitchen area, or over the adorable play area you’ve created for the kids. When inclement weather occurs, you can close the retractable canopy to protect yourselves and your furniture, or you can simply close it to allow a little more shade and comfort on a hot, sunny day.

These canopies make a great investment with more than 40 different fabrics to choose from, and the ability to last more than a decade when properly cared for by you. Your family is going to love this luxury addition to any outdoor space, and you’ll find it’s more enjoyable to spend time outdoors when you have this kind of protection.

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