Lawn Care Services Near Binghamton NY

Have you recently searched your phone for “Best Lawn Care Service Near Me”?  You’ll know how difficult it is to vet a good company and find a service you can trust your lawn to.

A Great Choice Lawncare and Landscaping has been serving the lawn care needs of the Greater Binghamton Community for over 30 years.  In that time, we’ve helped Businesses and Residents beautify their homes without taking time away from the things they love to do.   When you realize your time is better spent with family, pursuing your hobbies, and enjoying the company of friends, you’ll realize how much of your time is spent on lawncare, time you can’t get back.  With our mowing, fertilization, seasonal cleanups and more, you’ll get back your time and know that when you pull into your driveway, your lawn will look picture perfect every time.

Lawn Mowing Service in Binghamton NY

Lawn Mowing Service

If you’re a busy family with work, sports, and much more on your plate, having to keep up with your lawn can be a real drain on your time.  With the average Binghamton NY homeowner spending at least one and a half hours on their lawn each week, for 28 weeks out of the year, you can see how your time spent mowing your lawn adds up.  When you hire A Great Choice Lawn Care & Landscaping to mow your lawn, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll get the following professional services:

  • Meticulous weekly mowing and trimming
  • A beautiful lawn that makes your lawn look great and beautifies your home
  • Mowing services that work around your schedule
  • Less stress in your life knowing you don’t have to beat the rain or sundown
  • Stress free summer vacations knowing your lawn is being taken care of
  • Courteous crew teams that are mindful of gates and pets.

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Seasonal Yard Clean-up Service in Binghamton NY

Seasonal Yard Clean-ups

The fall season in Binghamton is undoubtedly beautiful, but if you live in a wooded area, you know what a pain it can be to keep up with the falling leaves at the end of the season.  Not only is it a whole lot of work, but these leaves can also be a breeding ground for ticks that carry nasty diseases like Lymes disease.  With our seasonal clean-up service, our crew comes in throughout the season and not only picks up leaves and gets your lawn ready for the winter, but they’ll also hall away the leaves so you won’t have to deal with finding a place for them.  Our seasonal yard clean up crews can also prune trees, cut down grasses and trim back bushes.

In addition to our fall clean up service, we also offer spring clean-ups where we repair your lawn from winter damage and get it ready to grow in full and lush for the summer season.

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Lawn aeration service in Binghamton NY

Lawn Aeration Service

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, your lawn needs nutrients and fresh life delivered to the roots of the grass. The process of aeration allows these critical nutrients to reach the roots and the results are a rich, full lawn.  A Great Choice Lawn Care and Landscaping has invested in the tools and equipment to make quick work of this process, effectively punching tiny holes into the surface of your lawn. 

These holes pull out layers of thatch and create a delivery pathway directly to the roots in your soil. This allows your grass to get much needed food, water, and ample sunshine.   The benefits of having your lawn professionally aerated are the elimination of areas of dead grass, less weeds, elimination of thin patches, removal of layers of dead grass, and more.

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Lawn seeding overseeding in Binghamton NY

Lawn Seeding/Overseeding Service

After your lawn is properly aerated, we highly recommend treating your lawn with our overseeding service.  This service is best performed in the late summer to early fall, when the soil is cool enough for the germination process.  Overseeding allows your lawn the following benefits:

  • Cuts down on disease
  • Cust down on bugs and pests
  • Encourages microorganism growth to destroy thatch
  • A greener, more lush lawn

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Lawn flea and tick lawn control treatment service in Binghamton NY

Lawn Flea and Tick Control Treatments

Your home is meant to be your sanctuary from the hectic world.  Nothing can destroy this feeling of sanctuary and safety than finding a tick on yourself, your pet, or your children.  Every year, the tick problems in Binghamton NY seem to get worse for homeowners.  These nasty bugs carry a plethora of diseases, including dreaded Lymes disease, that can cause an array of debilitation health problems for the rest of your life. 

The good news is that we’ve invested in the products, knowledge, and equipment to instantly kill ticks and fleas when they enter your yard.  Just as you protect your pet from fleas and ticks with a topical solution, we have a topical treatment for your lawn that we apply throughout the year to keep your family safe.  We create a perimeter around your properly as a first line of defense against these nasty critters that is safe for your family and your pets.

Learn more about our flea and tick control lawn treatments for homeowners in the Binghamton region.

Lawn fertilization service in Binghamton NY

Lawn Fertilization Services

What’s the secret to your neighbors around your greater Binghamton neighborhood that have the most lush, green grass in their yards?  The kind of lawn that entices you to take off your shoes in the summertime and feel the soft grass between your toes?  We’ll let you in on their secret, they have their lawn regularly fertilized throughout the season by professionals. 

A professional fertilization service helps your lawn in a number of ways.  The most important way it helps your yard is by eliminating nasty weeds and crabgrass that choke out your healthy grass.  Eliminating weeds allows more sunlight to reach your grass and eliminates weeds from stealing healthy nutrients away from where they’re needed most.  The other way fertilizing your lawn helps your grass is by delivering the nutrients that makes your grass stronger and healthier while eliminating nasty grubs and organisms in the root level of your lawn.  Our professional team of lawn fertilization experts will come to your home and diagnose the health of your lawn to come up with a plan of action throughout the season.  You’ll have a weed free, dandelion free, healthy lawn before you know it.

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Lawn hydroseeding service in Binghamton NY

Lawn Hydroseeding Services

Looking to lay down a lot of seed fast?  Our hydroseeding equipment can make quick work of large-scale seeding applications that distribute seed evenly and encourage fast germination.  Our hydroseeding equipment blends fresh seed, fertilizer, and wood fiber mulch to make sure seed stays in place after application and have a lush, green lawn faster than any alternative method.

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Don’t Worry, We’ll Take it From Here

Regardless of the type of lawn care services you need for your Binghamton area home, the professionals at A Great Choice have you covered.  From full lawn maintenance, to seasonal clean-ups we have the crews and equipment to get your job finished fast and efficiently, giving you more time to enjoy the things in life you love the most while we take care of all your lawn care needs.


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