Johnson City NY Landscaping, Fertilization & Mowing

Johnson City, NY residents know that when they need someone to care for their lawn and landscaping services that A Great Choice is the company to call. With more than 20 years experience in the Johnson City area, we know what our clients want and need, and we know how to make sure that they have exactly that. We know the weather, the ground and the look that this city focuses on, and we make it our goal to do it better than anyone else. Our exceptional attention to detail and our expertise make it possible for us to ensure that our clients are 100 percent happy each and every time. It’s a simple job for us because it’s our passion to take an ordinary lawn or landscaping concept and turn it into something extraordinary.

Our company has the know-how and the friendly customer service that makes us the number one landscaping company in Johnson City, NY to work with. We work hard to ensure our customers have what they need and then some, and it’s our goal to make sure our clients are always satisfied. It’s what sets us apart from the crowd.

Landscaping Services

Your landscaping needs might vary a little or a lot, but we have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you need someone to stop by every few weeks and trim back the hedges that grow like weeds all summer or someone to come in and completely dig out your flower beds to make room for brand new mulch or rock. We have professionals that are happy to meet whatever your needs might be, and that’s what makes us good at our jobs. We know how to ensure that your landscape looks professional and gorgeous at all times, and we know how to keep it that way with our professional landscaping services.

Lawn Fertilization

A well fertilized yard is one that looks good all the time. It’s one that seems to have the greenest grass and the thickest grass, and it’s not a secret how our Johnson City clients get that look in their own lawn. It’s fertilization. With the simple act of fertilizing your lawn, you can completely change the look of your entire lawn. It’s a simple process when it’s done correctly, and our professionals are well-versed in fertilization and making sure lawns look amazing at all times. Our pros know how to make sure you have the kind of lawn that looks fantastic at all times.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

There is a certain sense of pride that many people have when they are able to mow their own lawns, but we at A Great Choice know that it’s not always possible to keep your lawn looking good when you have so much else going on in your life. If you have kids or a job, a home and extracurricular activities to tend to during the summer, Johnson City, NY lawns can take on a look that’s a bit overgrown. Put simply, it is not always easy to ensure that your lawn looks amazing at all times when you have other things to do. It’s a little stressful to try and make time to mow every week or 10 days, so we recommend that you allow our lawn care professionals to do this for you. By doing this, you can ensure your lawn looks good all the time.

Retaining Wall Construction

A great retaining wall has many benefits to any yard. One of those benefits is the fact that you can make better use of your space in addition to retaining wall construction being a practical addition to your lawn. You’ll have ample use of your lawn for planning, more space to enjoy and you’ll set yourself apart from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood with something like this in your lawn. Our professionals can help you choose a look that’s gorgeous and functional at the same time, and we can do it with ease. Let our team help you create a complete landscaping look with a retaining wall to make your Johnson City, NY home just a little more spectacular than the rest.

Patio and Walkway Installation

A great patio or walkway can really make your visitors feel as if your home is something truly special when they walk in. Take your house from bland to gorgeous with the addition of a custom patio or walkway that sets you apart from the rest of the neighborhood and makes sure that you feel good about your home. Feel even more excited at the end of each day when it’s time to come home to a house that has this kind of feature, and it’s going to change the way you feel about being at home. Our professional hardscape installers know what looks good, what makes the most difference and how to really make your home pop.

Water Feature Construction

A water feature is a very simple addition to any home. Just the sound of water by itself is enough to make anyone feel calm and relaxed, and the look of something like that in your yard is going to make you feel good about your lawn. Just imagine sitting outside on your custom patio at the end of the day with a lovely but simple water feature making soothing sounds you can rely on to make you feel relaxed and calm. We know that our Johnson City, NY residents want to feel more like they are in the middle of an outdoor paradise when they are in their own yards, and our service professionals know how to provide that feeling even this far north when working with our clients.

Call A Great Choice today to speak with one of our landscape professionals. It doesn’t matter what you want, what you need or what ideas you have in mind for your lawn. With more than two decades of landscape design in our resume, we can tell you what will work, what might need work and how to best utilize the space that you have in your lawn. We can help you turn your dreams into reality so that you can have the kind of landscaping you’ve always wanted in your life. Let our professionals make your home the dream home you’ve always wanted right in the heart of Johnson City, NY. We know what makes our customers happy, and we know how to deliver quality service and quality professionalism.


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